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§(fr) Affordance

blog, politics, tech

Articles about ecology, politics, capitalism, software freedom...

§(en) Buttersafe

comic strip, fun

Absurd yet lovely comics.

§(fr) Comme un poisson dans l'eau

philosophy, podcast, politics, science

(tr: Like a fish in the water) About sentientism, veganism, carnism...


comic strip, politics, tech

About Google Chrome's strategies for getting monopolistic and violating privacy.

§(fr) Deus Ex Silicium

tech, video

Analyze electronic products and integrated circuits.

§(fr) Emma

blog, comic strip, health, politics

Articles and comic strips about feminism, intersectionnality, politics, discriminations...

§(en) Extra Ordinary

comic strip, fun

Cute comics about extra ordinary things.

§(fr) Fouloscopie

science, video

(tr: Crowdscopy) Videos about crowds by a researcher. Lots of experiments, very well explained and illustrated.

§(fr) Grisebouille

blog, comic strip, fun, politics, tech

Comic strips and articles about free software, politics, technology, science and other absurd geeky stuff. (libre-licensed!)

§(fr) Histony

blog, history, video

Long videos about historical subjects (mostly of France), critical and detailed but audible like a story.

§(fr) Méta de Choc

podcast, science, skepticism

Interviews of concerned people and researchers about critical thinking, cults, mental health, violences...

§(fr) Monsieur Bidouille

tech, video

Videos about technical concepts in electronics and physics, crazy inventions, actually useful industrial stuff.

§(fr) Monsieur Phi

philosophy, video

Philosophy as I would have liked in class.

§(en) No Boilerplate

fun, podcast, tech, video

"Fast, technical videos" about programming (lot of Rust). Also fiction podcasts and a bit of neurodiversity.

§(en) Oglaf

comic strip, fun

(adult content)

§(en) PBS Spacetime

physics, science, video

Videos about quantum physics, astronomy and cosmology.

§Pepper and Carrot

comic strip, fun

The adventures of a witch, with wonderful drawings. Libre-licensed!

§(fr) PsykoCouac

health, science, video

Videos about psychology (by an actual psychologist).

§(en) The Perry Bible Fellowship

comic strip, fun

Geniously ironic comics.

§(en) Pluralistic

blog, politics, tech

Cory Doctorow's blog, about enshittification, software freedom, sci-fi...

§(en) Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

comic strip, fun, philosophy, science, tech

Insightful comics about everything.

§(fr) Science Étonnante

blog, physics, science, tech, video

Clear and detailed videos about science and technics, mostly physics.

§(fr) Scilabus

physics, science, tech, video

Very well explained videos about all kinds of scientific subjects, classical or unexpected, with both homemade and professional experiments.

§(en) Subnormality

comic strip, fun

Long comics that deeply dives into complex characters' psychology.

§(en) Three Blue One Brown

mathematics, science, video

Maths clearly explained with helpful animations.

§(en) xkcd

comic strip, fun, philosophy, science, tech

An almost universal source of geek quotes.

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